premex 2021

Application areas

Industrial manufacturing and production

Confirmed references

Precursors for the production of liquid crystals
Application-specific reactor for the development of precursors for the production of Liquid crystals
Hydrothermal syntheses in nanotechnology
Continuous reactor for use in production in 24 hour operation with control and software

Different batch reactor systems
Hydrothermal syntheses in cement production
Experimental reactor with additional integrated storage tanks for the production of cement
hydrothermal conditions to significantly reduce CO2 compared to the standardized calcination
process in rotary kilns

In multiple reactor systems such as the Avolon 4-compartment reactor system for parallel experiments
in research
Batch reactors from 0.1 ltr. up to 50 ltr.

Applications with CO2


Petrol industry
Chemical industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Automotive industry
Universities with institutes of macromolecular chemistry, inorganic chemistry
and organic chemistry