premex 2021

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intromic – the new compact and powerful magnetic stirrer drive from our development

Our magnetic stirrer heads or magnetic stirrer drives can be used for glass apparatus under vacuum or unpressurized and with high pressure reactors up to 700 bar on a laboratory and pilot plant scale. The torque is enough from 20 Ncm – 50 Nm. Higher torques on request.

We supply our magnetic stirring systems to research institutes, colleges,
universities, plant manufacturers and process engineering planning offices. We convert existing stirrers as required.

Outside of the standard program, we develop, design and manufacture extensive variants of magnetic stirrer heads and magnetic stirrer drives.

Datenblatt intromic

Hochdurchsatz- und Parallelreaktorsysteme

High throughput and parallel reactor systems

The medium and high throughput systems are so designed that data is received via the kinetics, not only approximate trends. This gives the researcher an accurate distinction between similar effective materials. A general challenge in the development of the catalyst and material.