premex 2021

Custom-Made Performance

For Industry, research and development


High pressure reactors
and process plants

– High pressure reactors made of steel
– High pressure reactors made of glass
– Special reactors
– Multiple reactors
– Process engineering plants


Laboratory reactors made to measure

Without magnetic stirrer coupling
With magnetic stirrer coupling
Multiple reactors
20 – 120 ml

With oil heating
With electric / or oil heating
Multiple (parallel) reactors
70 ml – 1.200 ml


Magnetic stirring systems
with and without a motor

With motor
Drives with 24 and 48 Volt Motor
Drives with three-phase motors
Drives with air pressure motors

Without motor
Drives pressureless and vacuum
Drives pressure up to 700 bar and vacuum


Standard or individual control technology

Standard control units
Software controlled control technology
Custom-made control and regulation devices
Switch and control cabinets